Thursday, 4 December 2014

Kambrook Powerboard - World's first electrical power board.

The common electrical power board was first manufactured by Melbourne company Kambrook in the 1970s. I remember selling this product from my our family business Wong's World in Shepparton in 1979. In 1987 while living in London I recall looking for a powerboard but realised only double adaptors existed in Europe at the time.

Frank Bannigan founded Kambrook and the electrical engineer who invented the power board in 1972 was Peter Talbot. 

In 1991 while at RMIT I ran a second year industrial design studio with Peter Talbot and Kambrook.  

Designed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Kambrook power board  - the world's first power board.

Kambrook power board  - the world's first power board.

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  1. ALBERT C. FAIRCHILD was making a similar 4 outlet power box for Biochemistry Department of Melbourne University in the late 60's